eBook: Reviving the Spirit of Ramadhan

Ebook_2013editedAlhamdulillah, infinitely. May His Peace and Blessings continuously be upon the best of mankind who ever fully lived the spirit of Ramadhan, Habibi Muhammad, his household, his companions, and all those who follow his guided path.
As most of you, my beloved readers of GSalam.Net, might have anticipated, I’ve been working on launching a new book. Alhamdulillah; this article comes to present to you, that book.

Initially, I planned it to be a printed book, but Allah has planned it, to be an electronic (e)book. The only wisdom I can think of, at the moment, is the possibility of it reaching the biggest audience of readers as possible, but I do strongly believe that, He has more hidden wisdom (pertaining this) yet to be discovered.


I want to direct you to the link, where you can get your copy of the book. But I would like, beforehand, to aknowledge the effort, and contributions of those who made the possibility of this ebook real.

The support, which my wife, Ummul-Izz, Sayang (My love) has always rendered me, as I write and blog, has been my biggest motivation. Thank you Sayang. May Allah bless you.

All you out there, Readers of GSalam.Net, I won’t be writing if you’ve not been reading. I thank you for making my articles worthwhile. I appreciate that.

Special appreciation goes to Hajji Borhan Said, for consistently providing me with personal feedback, anytime I write a new article on my blog. In fact, he has inspired many of what I’ve written.

I would like to thank my brother and dear friend, Abdul Rauf Hussein, for his honest suggestions, which triggered me to include Chapter 5, and eventually, Chapter 7 and 9 emerged. You can’t skip those chapters, once you start reading the book. Go get it now! But wait for a moment; I have some more people acknowledge!

I thank Dr. Mohammed Burhandden Musah (Sultan) for the precious time he has devoted in reviewing and editing the book, for twice.

My course mate, Brother Jetmir Abdija, thanks for your suggestions, which have clearly made the layout of the book attractive.

I know you guys like the design of the cover page. Never mind; you don’t have to say it loud. I knew it from your facial expressions… (hehe.. smile for free rewards from Allah). That cover page was inspired by Sister Noraini Rasfee. And it was turned into that stunning and appealing design by Brother Muhammad Hilmi of Abu Haziq Designs. Thank you, Sister Noraini and Brother Hilmi, for being part of this humble contribution to the Deen.

Thank you all for being there. May Allah continue to bless you. Ameen!

The eBook

I’m offering this eBook for free, for a limited time, until 1 July, 2013. It will, thereafter, be available for sale, at US$5.50. So, remember to get your free copy, now, before you forget 1 July 2013. You don’t need to pray Istikharah before going for a free copy of an eBook discussing Ramadhan!

Click the following link to read about the book, and to get your copy, while it’s still free: http://wp.me/P1aZFD-96

To buy the ebook, click on the button below:

Finally, I would like to hear from you. I welcome your views, feedback, suggestions and comments, in the comment area below.

Allah knows best.

Allahu Hafiz Smile


    thank you very much for the good work you are doing for islam and it’s um-mah.

    • Salam Brother Musah,
      Thank you very much. I’m grateful that you find my small contribution useful. May Allah continue to grant us the sincerity and strength to serve His Deen and the Ummah. Ameen.
      Allahu Hafiz 🙂