I Prefer Telegram Over WhatsApp. This is Why


I’ve recently started using Telegram, and found it to be more efficient than WhatsApp, especially for those who have noble message to send across, to a big audience. Most important of all is the availability of the option to create channel(s) and the privacy it gives to broadcasters and their audiences. For instance, when you create a channel, you can add as many people (from your friends) as possible. On the other hand, whoever you add can remove himself whenever he chooses to.

Cool Features of Telegram

Here are some of the cool features that made me prefer Telegram over WhatsApp:

  • You have the option of creating a URL(s) for your channel(s) (No phone number’s required).
  • Publish that URL(s) and any one can join your channel(s) (save yourself from adding people individually, and without their consent).
  • You don’t know who joins your channel (their privacy is secured).
  • Individuals who join your channel don’t see others who have joined it (no stalking is allowed).
  • Individuals who join your channel cannot post in the channel (presumably, only relevant stuff is shared by the broadcaster. Also no spamming from others).
  • Videos, audios and images are stored on Telegram’s servers. It doesn’t fill your audience’s phone memory.
  • When you join a channel, you’re able to access all posts and media files that were posted in it, since its creation.
  • The number of people who can join a channel is unlimited, unlike WhatsApp (So far, you can manually add up to 100 members to a WhatsApp group).

Features that Could Excite You More

The features highlighted above concern you, if you follow public figures on social networking sites (SNSs). But the following are more exciting, as long as you use social media. Note that I’m not indicating features that are available on both Telegram and WhatsApp.

  • You can create a username for yourself. With that, your loved ones can search for you and reach you. Also with that, you can interact with anyone without revealing your phone number (unlike WhatsApp).
  • You can use one Telegram account across all your (assigned) mobile devices.
  • You can install Telegram on your desktop PC/Mac/Linux (Mac/MacBook users have a bonus, an app in the Mac AppStore).
  • You can have secret chats (I’m not sure why may need secret chats, though. :p ).
  • There’s no an annual $0.99 imposed on you.

Join Me on Telegram

I’ve never used WhatsApp to back GSalam.Net or the da‘wah I’m doing here. This has been simply due the great concern I have for my readers’ privacy. I don’t want your contact number to be compromised while you’re in my host. J With the emergence of Telegram and the good level of security they provide, I’ve decided to use it as one of the platforms to support this da‘wah mission.

If you want to receive my personal reflections from my observations and readings, if you see want to see how I see the world (through the photos I take on the go), and if you would like to receive excerpts from articles published on GSalam.Net, feel free to join my Telegram channel here: http://telegram.me/gsalam/

To connect with me personally on Telegram, you can find me here: http://telegram.me/gsalamwriter/

Is there any cool feature I’m missing on Telegram? Have I been unfair to WhatsApp? What do you think? Please share your experience in the comments area below.

Allah knows best.
Allāhu Hāfiz 🙂