How Do We Pray

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How Do We Perform the Holy Bath (Ghusl)?

Outline Introduction Why Do We Need to Take Ghusl? When Must We Perform Ghusl? When Can We Optionally Perform Ghusl? How Do We Perform Ghusl? Simple Way of Performing Ghusl Comprehensive way of performing Ghusl Introduction Alhamdulillah unlimited; all praise is due to Allah. All thanks are for Allah. All good is in the Good […]

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It’s Ramadan Again!

It’s Ramaḍān again… The time to lose and gain The time to empty and refill The time to lose physical weight and gain spiritual weight The time to empty our impurity and refill purity It’s Ramaḍān again… The tight-fisted is kind The kind is generous The generous is unconditional generous The unconditional generosity comes from […]

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