Prayer / Salah

Almost All You Need to Know About Istikharah Prayers

Outline Introduction What Is Istikhārah? When is Istikhārah Performed? What Before Istikhārah? Du’a of Istikhārah How is Istikhārah Performed? The Permissible Times for Istikhārah What After Istikhārah? Istikhārah and Dreams Doing Istikharah on Behalf of Someone Conclusion Introduction Alhamdulillah… All thanks and praise are due to the Almighty Allah. I send peace and blessings upon […]

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How to Make Utmost Use of Our Tarawih

Outline Introduction Background Can We Actually Hold Qurʾan in Ṣalāh? Benefits of holding Qurʾan in Tarāwīḥ Adab(s) to Observe When Following the Imām with Qurʾan How Would I Know Where the Imām Reads From? Conclusion Introduction Alḥamdulillāh… Infinite thanks and praises are due to Allāh, Lord of the month of Ramaḍān and the other eleven […]