In the Mosque

In the Mosque: Why do We Form Rows and must Straighten them?

Outline Introduction The Importance of Organization in Solat Forming Rows for Solat Starting Point of a Row in Solat Straightening the Rows of Solat The Responsibility of Straightening the Rows Closing the Gaps in the Rows Children’s Row The Wheelchair-Bounded in the Rows Conclusion Introduction Alhamdulillah… All praises and thanks are due to the Almighty […]

When Christianity is Being Promoted in Our Mosques

Introduction This post is an extension of an image posting I made on my personal Facebook account last night. The present post does not intend to expose the brother, whose action inspired this entry. It rather aims to create awareness among my fellow Muslims, especially the youngsters, for I believe there are hundreds, if not […]

Q&A: Can Kids Perform Prayer in 1st Row?

Question Can kids perform prayer in 1st row? Answer Yes. Kids who know how to pray, and have the interest in praying can perform prayers in first rows, alongside adults. But they shouldn’t stand right behind the Imam. The space right behind the Imam is encouraged to be for people who are more knowledgeable about […]

Why Do Women Have to Stand Behind Men in Prayers?

Question Why do women have to stand behind men in prayers, and are separated by a veil or something? Answer It’s fundamental in Islam, to note that Islam means total submission to the will of God. Total submission to the will of God includes following His Prophet blindly, whether or not we understand the wisdome […]