Masturbation in Ramadhan

Q&A: Masturbation During Ramaḍān

Question What is the ruling (hukm) of masturbating in Ramaḍān, during day time? Answer Masturbation is not encouraged in Islam. I mean masturbation is Haram in Islam. One should put in the effort to quit this habit, as it will gradually ruin his youth and weaken him in his elderly age. In Ramadhan, if one […]

How to Quit the Secret Habit?

Outline Introduction Background What is the Secret Habit? Why do People Turn to Masturbation? The Islamic Ruling (Hukm) of Masturbation Is it Possible to Quit Masturbation? How Can One Quit Masturbation? What if Masturbation is the Only Way to Prevent the Unmarried from Committing Fornication? Something for the Married Readers What are the Implications if […]