Mohamed Morsi

Reflections: Mohamed Morsi or Mohamed Sisi

Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has imprisoned Mohamed Morsi. That action has gained Morsi a lot; the du’a of Muslims around the world, the love and sympathy for him and the Muslim Brotherhood, which he belongs to. I believe, that Al-Sisi is currently in a terrible situation, where he wishes he could change his name to Mohamed […]

History will Record for Shaikh Al-Azhar and ElBaradie

Note: The pictures at the end of this post are disturbing. Your discretion is advised. =========================================== It was until yesterday, 14/8/2013, that those who still had some trust to the so called “Liberal Muslims” (I call them the hypocrites), got the chance to take a clear stance regarding the hypocrites. Mohamed Morsi was accused to […]

Mohamed Morsi

I’m not affiliated to any religious movement, nor political party. I am an ordinary Muslim, who writes about Islam, Muslim’s social issues, and other issues, which I perceive worth writing about. This article features Dr. Mohamed Morsi, who made headlines across the world, aggressively, in the last one and a half years. It therefore has […]