How to Seek Protection Against Sudden Calamities

Introduction Alhamdulillah… All perfect thanks and praises are due to the Almighty Allah. I send perfect peace and blessings upon the best teacher of all-time, Sayyindinā Muḥammad, his household, his companions and all those who follow his guided path till end of time. I believe, for more than once, you’ve heard of, or read about […]

6 Effecitive Ways to Seek Protection Against Magic and Evil

Outline Introduction #1: The Effect of Magic and the Extent It Can Go #2: Seeking Protection from Magic and Evil #3: It Starts with Faith and then the Heart #4: It’s then Followed by How the Day is Begun #5: It Goes on to Affect the Daytime Activities #6: It Rests at Sunset Conclusion Introduction […]