An Introduction To Zakah al-Fitr

Outline Introduction What’s Zakah al-Fitr? Significance of Zakāt al-Fitr The Wisdom Behind Zakah al-Fitr Who Pays/Gives Zakah al-Fitr? Who Deserves Zakah al-Fitr? When Should Zakah al-Fitr Be Given/Paid? How is Zakah al-Fitr Paid? What it the Amount of Zakah al-Fitr? Conclusion Introduction Alhamdulillah infinitely. All praise and thanks are due to the Almighty Allāh. I […]

A look into Zakah; from a different perspective

Outline Introduction What’s Zakah? Zakah in the Qur’an Zakah in the Sunnah The Ruling (Hukum) of Zakah The Importance (Objective) of Zakah in Islam When Does One Have to Pay Zakah? Who Deserves (to receive) Zakah Money? Disbursement of Zakat [Funds] Can (all the amount of) Zakat be Given to One Category or Person? Can […]