The Unfolded Piece from Flight MH370 So Far…


Two passengers, on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 were travelling on stolen passports. The two men are among the 227 passengers and 12 crew members, on board of the missing flight. Reports say they both originally come from Iran, but they imposted as an Austrian and an Italian. It’s also indicated that the 19-year-old passenger, who imposted as an Italian, was intending to seek asylum in Germany. I, therefore, assume the second impostor to have the same intention.

The first thing the media made the world to think of, as investigations revealed about the two impostors, was terrorism. Thank God; that assumption (that the impostors may be linked to terrorism) didn’t prevail. If it did, the impact would have been huge, on millions of innocent people around the world. This is because, Muslims who seldom travel felt the negative impact of 9/11 on their lives and affairs, what more about those (Muslims) who frequently travel?

I have been among those who constantly prayed for the safety of all on board of flight MH370. Our prayers still continue. Also, our thoughts are with their families, friends and loved ones. But as a Muslim and an African, I had two additional prayers. First, I prayed that the impostors were not Muslims, whom can be accused of terrorism.  Second, I prayed that, they were hopefully not Africans.

My fears were proven. Tell me, how could either of the impostors (based on the images provided) look like Mario Balotelli, although not a single black person was on board of flight MH370? Let me honest, the impression I developed is that, when bad incidents happen, even when blacks are not involved, they are connected to it, what more when they are involved?

The mystery of the two passengers with stolen passports on board of MH370 will affect many people. Among others, the first to be affected, are the immigration officer(s) who first stamped for the passport(s) to cross into the Malaysian lands. He may face disciplinary actions, which can be either light or heavy, but the emotional impact on him and his loved ones will remain for long. This is despite he didn’t steal a passport nor did he board the plane using a stolen passport.

Air travellers will also be subject to unnecessary questioning and immigration officers’ intimidations, a practice that’s already taking place. It doesn’t matter; whether your passport is genuine or fake. In fact, the more genuine your documents are, the more you may be subjected to ‘harassment’ of immigration officers. If you do travel overseas, be prepared to be told by rude immigration officers, when they decide to intimidate you, “I’m doing my job.” It hurts even more, when you are singled out for questioning, just because your colour looks like no one in the crowd.

We are constantly tested through the evil deeds of others. There’s nothing you can do to prevent this kind of tests from happening. That’s, actually, what makes life meaningful. But it worth it, for each one of us, to take the opportunity of tribulations of this kind, to reflect, get closer to God, and more importantly, learn not to commit evil deeds, that can also, have bad impacts on the lives and convenience of our loved ones and other innocents.

I believe, the two stolen passports are nothing, compared to the other circumstances surrounding the disappearance of flight MH370. In fact, the presence of these two impostors in the flight, may have nothing, at all, to do with the whole mystery of the aircraft, other than being a mere coincidence. Nevertheless, it has, so far, created such amount of negative impacts on innocent people.

By now, we have come to realize that the most advanced technology mankind has invented serves nothing, in front of the Might of God the Creator and the Sustainer of the existence. Therefore, let’s pray for His miracle to take place, and that He brings flight MH370 back safely. Our thoughts continue to be with the families, friends and loved ones of passengers and crew aboard of flight MH370.

Allah knows best.
Allahu Hafiz 🙁