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Alhamdulillah… Praises and thanks are due to the Almighty Allah. Peace and blessings are upon our beloved, Sayyidina Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets, and upon his family members, his companions, and his followers.

I know many of you are looking forward to read my postings, some of whom are friends (observers, stalkers and spies of course. Ehemsss) and foes. But at the ‘end of the day’ we are all brothers and sisters, either in Islam or in humanity.  So I’m not worried about what your reactions may be after reading my writings. I know any mistake made by the Baby Sufi, (that’s me) will be forgiven, and corrected accordingly and constructively. Let us, as someone says “look and see” Hahaha a thousand :) Subhana Allah.

Some may be wondering, “What will he be writing in his blog, uh?”, “I would like to see in which language he will be writing”, Others may assume, “This is a good opportunity to read his mind and collect evidences to prove to the authorities that he is an extremist, fundamentalist, terrorist, Wahabi, Salifi, Sufi, Muslim”, Perhaps, some may also opine “We can detect his limits of Islamic knowledge”. I have to be honest with you here; besides all the above mentioned, I know that there are some who are eager to read my “postings” because of the Islamic brotherhood and true friendship that have brought us together. I’m happy they are there, and I know that they will never hesitate to constantly give their positive and constructive feedback and comments. I love you all :) .

Well, I’ve delayed to post a “significant” piece so far, because I’ve been experiencing migrane for the past four days. Did I say migrane or migraine? It doesn’t matter, as long as my “good readers” know what I mean. There’s no need to waste time referring to dictionaries. Mr Alfred, my English teacher when I was in Azhariya Islamic School, Mr Aidal Kalam, Mr Haidad and Ms Noorliza, all of who are my friends and English teachers right now, and those out there with good command in English, please forgive me, because I won’t be grammar-conscious here. Ehemsss. Luckily I didn’t say ‘migrate’. By the way, I’m not thinking of migrating anymore. Singapore has become my second home, and I’m looking forward to the ‘they’ (day) I will be awarded with my PR, insha Allah. Thank you Singapore for allowing “me” to settle here :) . So I’m still right (not left) to use ‘migrane’.

Although, this is the first time I’m telling you, on this blog, that I’m ‘hafing’ (having) headache for the past few days, it’s also going to be the last time I’m doing so. Please look forward not to read about my daily activities, personal problems, work complains and nags, gossips and blah2 here on GSalam.Net. We are already having enough of that on Full stop!

This means, I will not tell you in future that my cat was stolen from our home, back in Ghana. You may not read about my cute son :). You may not come to know that when everyone drives away his BMW (Be My Wife) and Motorcycle from the Singapore Islamic Hub (SIH) basement car park, someone comes out from the same car park bicycling. 🙂

There will be no sort of articles on this blog that will aim to prove my level of knowledge. I honestly have to admit to the fact that I’m yet to master the ‘basic of the basics’ of Islamic knowledge, and am I’m not an intellect. But I also believe that, less knowledge combined with minimum practice is better than lots of knowledge separated from least practice.

Here, we will be sharing ideas and thought. We’ll be talking seriously and religiously on social and moral problems. Yet, our discussions and arguments will be very simple, insha Allah. Hoping that, that will be a very simple and very humble contribution to the communities we proudly belong to, in finding solutions to those problems, insha Allah. We are not experts, but we believe that “the one, who gives you ¢20 when he has only $1 in his possession, is the one who will give you $200 when he owns $1,000.”

I will rarely blog in languages other than English, though there may be a few in Arabic, insha Allah! This is to avoid been asked by my Arabic Language students for translation (not explanation). I better save that time of “explanation” for mind cracking :). I believe I’ve given them enough references in Arabic.

This post also serves as a good clarification to those who increase the amount of traffic (visitors) to this blog just to spy on the “cute me”. It’s for them to take note of the language that is going to be used here, and that they will rarely need translators. They don’t have to worry in the first place, because, there won’t be any illegal articles, nor bad influence. We will remain transparent as usual. Allahu Hafiz 🙂 .

There will be no any kind of ‘copy and paste articles’ to be posted by me, insha Allah. The Internet is full of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. The only Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V stuff will be basically quotations from Qur’an and the Ḥadīth and their translations! Quotes from our blessed scholars and wise men (regardless of their “school of thoughts”) and other authors will be clearly credited to them accordingly, insha Allah.

Well, gentlemen and ladies.. Oops! Ladies and gentlemen :), I mean brothers and sisters :), it’s 03:14 right now as I’m typing this particular line and paragraph. I need to go and close my eyes for the next two hours or so, my head is still ‘spinning’. Work starts at 0730hrs as usual. Well, for your info, I just woke up two hours ago.  So no much worries, insha Allah. Take note that, I won’t write about personal activities any more, insha Allah.

May Allah guide us in all our sayings and actions. Until my ‘migrane’ is over, see you next time in higher level of iman and better condition of health. Allahu Khairun Hafizan…

Allah knows best.
Allahu Hafiz 🙂