8 Reasons the Muslim Should Avoid Sorcerers and Fortune-Tellers




Alhamdulillah… All perfect thanks and praises are due to the Almighty Allah, the One and Only. I send perfect peace and blessings upon Sayyindinā Muḥammad, his household, his companions and all those who follow his guided path till end of time.

This article is Part 3 of our series, which discusses sorcery and fortune-telling from Islamic and social perspectives. It comes in, at a time, when Muslim communities around the world have emerged to be more obsessed with sorcery and fortune-telling, either by practising it or seeking help from its practitioners. This is despite their knowledge that the Prophet ṣallā Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam has constantly warned us against sorcery and fortune-telling and the evil they cause to societies.

Part 1 explored sorcery and fortune-telling in Islam. If further elaborated on the differences and commonalities between the two and illusionism. In fact, it also indicated the ruling of sorcery and fortune-telling in Islam. Finally, it concluded by identifying what it means to seek help through sorcery and fortune-telling. Part 2 explored the factors that influence people’s decision to go and seek sorcerers and fortune-tellers’ help. Four crucial factors were identified.

Today, Part 3 presents and discusses 8 reasons the Muslim should avoid sorcerers and fortune-tellers. You may have being asking as you read: What are the 8 reasons the Muslim should avoid sorcerers and fortune-tellers? 🙂


8 Reasons the Muslim Should Avoid Sorcerers and Fortune-Tellers

The following are the reasons why you and I, as Muslims should avoid sorcery, fortune-telling and illusionism. The first reason in line is that practicing sorcery or dealing with it shirk (associating partners with Allah in His divinity).


#1: Depending on Sorcerers is Shirk!

8 Reasons the Muslim Should Avoid Sorcerers and Fortune-Tellers 1One of the fundamentally theological principles in Islam is that a Muslim should put in the effort to make it for his worldly achievement, as well as his gains for the next life. In pursuit for that, he must put his trust only in Allah, the One and Only. Putting one’s trust and fear in Allah, the One and Only leads to five main results:

  1. Allah grants a way for the believer out of difficulties (Qur’an, 65:2)
  2. He provides for him from unexpected sources (Qur’an, 62:3)
  3. He suffices him in all his affairs (Qur’an, 62:3)
  4. He eases for him his affairs (Qur’an, 62:4)
  5. He eradicates his sins and richly rewards him (Qur’an, 62:5)

Putting one’s trust in Allah with a solid belief in His Oneness is therefore, the only mission all the chosen Prophets and Messengers of Allah were sent to convey; No god worthy of worship but Allah. Anyone else and anything else, small or big is a creature of Allah. It’s therefore subjected to His Wisdom and Mercy.

On the contrary, when man is troubled, and he thinks of solutions and finds it not from Allah, but from devils, evil spirits and their agents, he has failed the test. Because, he has developed the belief that someone else or something else other than Allah possesses knowledge of the unseen. He has also developed the belief that someone else or something else other than Allah has the power and ability to assist him attain his provisions, which is already destined for him. That’s why, sorcery and fortune-telling are considered major and serious form of polytheism (shirk akbar) in Islam.

“Say: ‘None in the Heaven and the Earth knows the ghayb (unseen) except Allah, nor can they perceive when they shall be resurrected.” (Qur’an, 27: 65).

This means that any one who believes that he possesses such knowledge is certainly claiming the acquisition of a Divine attribute that Allah (alone) possesses. Furthermore, anyone who puts his trust in such a person has failed to carry out the primary duty of vicegerency.

It’s worth mentioning that, using devils and holding fast to them require rituals that can only be perfected when the performer is in complete submission to the jinn. This is a form of polytheism. Seeking help in predicting the future from anyone other than Allah means you believe the person can help you better than Allah can. Why are we enjoined to pray, supplicate? Why are we taught Istikhārah?

The implication of Shirk

The implication of shirk is that, if (may Allah forbid) one dies in the state of associating anyone or anything with Allah in His Oneness, then Allah has promised upon Himself to not forgive him, nor grant him entrance into the abode of Paradise.

“Surely Allah does not forgive that a partner be ascribed to Him, although He forgives any other sins for whomever He wills. He who associates anyone with Allah in His divinity has indeed forged a mighty lie and committed an awesome sin” (Qur’an, 4:48).

The moment one starts practising shirk, he has chosen to distance himself from Allah.


#2: Sorcery Keeps You Away From Allah

Are We Getting More Obsessed With Sorcery adn Fortune-Telling?When one practices sorcery or sees a sorcerer or a fortune-teller, knowingly or unknowingly, he has automatically distanced himself from Allah. His heart is not with Allah, even if he prays in the mosque, five times a day, and even if he’s the Imām, the perceived most religious person (not necessarily God-fearing). This is in addition to the fact that his trust in Allah is affected, as sorcerers will easily command him to carry out rituals that contradict with the Oneness of Allah and contradicts with rituals prescribed by Allah.

Once you start glorifying other than Allah, you can’t help, but to be led to committing the other grave sins in Islam. Some of the grave sins in Islam are those mentioned in the ḥadīth:

“Avoid seven most dangerous things.’ The Companions asked: ‘O Messenger of Allah! What are these things’ He, ṣallā Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam, answered: ‘Making anyone or any thing a partner of Allah; practicing magic; killing a living being whose life has been declared sacred by Allah without justification; practicing usury; misappropriating the property of an orphan; running away from the infidels in a battle; and slandering chaste, innocent, believing women” (al-Bukhāri and Muslim).

The Implication of Staying Away from Allah

The implication of staying away from Allah, is that you forget him. And the one who forgets Allah will be made to forget himself, too. Really? Yes!

“And be not like those who forgot Allah, so He made them forget themselves. Those are the defiantly disobedient” (Qur’an, 15:39).

Once one is committed to sorcery, believe it or not, it’s the jinn whom he will be glorifying instead of glorifying Allah. It’s them, whom he’ll remember instead of Allah.

“Those whom you invoke other than Allah are creatures like you. So invoke them. and see if they answer your call, if what you claim is true (Qur’an, 7:194).

Some of the implications of forgetting about Allah is that you also forget His likes and dislikes, and that lead you to commit the grave sins.


#3: Sorcery Leads You to All the Other Major Sins

8 Reasons the Muslim Should Avoid Sorcerers and Fortune-Tellers 8The only thing that deters you and me from committing many heart-desired acts is the fear of Allah we’ve developed in our hearts. This is so because, there’s a strong belief in the heart that He’s One, He sees us, He hears us, and He will bring us to account for our deeds. Even the disobedient also believe He is God and that He will bring them to task, but their evil overtake them; that they can’t resist.

Once we’ve broken this fear (of Allah) and associated partners with him in belief (through sorcery), then we have subjected ourselves to committing all the other types of major sins in Islam.

A sorcerer easily kills (murders) and can command his followers to kill. And they surely comply. A sorcerer rapes (even his mum, daughter, sister), and he can command his followers to rape. They do. A sorcerer can command his followers to take wuḍū’ using urine. Obviously, this is something he does regularly. They easily comply. He can command them to pray facing the opposite of the Qiblah. You can bet some of them don’t pray. A sorcerer drinks (liquor) and the list continues. I can’t tell you that a sorcerer is a gangster. I can’t tell you he can be engaged in drug dealing. But I can tell you that a sorcerer is a liar.

The Implication of Committing the Grave Sins

The implication of committing the grave sins is that, the offender is regarded as transgressor in the Sight of Allah, and Allah dislikes transgressors. Also, Allah deprives transgressors from any blessing. Allah curses transgressors.


#4: Sorcerers and Fortune-tellers are Liars

8 Reasons the Muslim Should Avoid Sorcerers and Fortune-Tellers 4I’m pretty sure you don’t like dealing with liars and opportunists, because you don’t know when they’ll screw you up. This is the same reason why you should never trust sorcerers and fortune-tellers.

Sorcerers and fortune-tellers are either perpetual liars or those who have contact with the jinn. Either way, they are both liars.

As for those with no connections with jinn among them, they possess no real knowledge. Instead they base on probability of occurrence to predict the future for their victims (customers). They deceive them with deception, as they have no connection with the jinn. Thus, of all the predictions they share with their victims, one percent could be true and happen. The poor victims forget all the 99 percent of the predictions which have failed to happen, and stick to the only one percent which has happened, and continue to allow themselves to be conned.

For instance, assume that I’m telling you (through this article), that you will receive some good news soon (without specifying how and why). Then it happens that within a week or two, your wife extends to you the good news of her pregnancy, your boss conveys to you the good news of your promotion, your child is awarded the best student in his college/university. Does that grant me any credibility in your eyes? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ I’m sorry; you have the tendency of falling to the prey of fortune-tellers. And I’m perfectly fit to be a fortune-teller for you. J The good thing is that, I’m not one. Alhamdulillah!

Why should you forget all the pains and sacrifices you and your wife have pun in, up and down, to and from the hospital seeking treatment? Why would you forget all the hard work you’ve shown to deserve that promotion with the will of Allah, Whom made your boss appreciated it? Why would you ignore the sleepless nights your child has been spending for his deserving award? After all, you come and credit all this to your fortune-teller?

This type of fortune-tellers (of whom I’m not of course 🙂 ) is no different from imposters and crooks, who will lie to you, to steal your money or take advantage of your ignorance. In order to make you believe, they may use techniques, or perform rituals just to fascinate you. With a bit of smartness, you can discover them.

As for those who have contact with the jinn, they are the most dangerous for their acts involves the filthiest of acts and offence. It’s important to note that those involved in this type of sorcery have higher probability of accuracy in their information (compared to the other type), and thus cause more damage in the society. This is because they are connected with jinn, and the jinn, on their side, can see us (humankind) whereby we can’t see them in normal circumstances.

For instance, a fortune-teller who deals with the jinn will tell you that you will get promotion at work, your wife will conceive and your child will win the best student award at school. Rest assured, it will happen. How did he know? Because the jinn have informed him about it. They knew it from your boss, before he (your boss) broke the news to you. They knew from your wife body changes, that she has conceived, before she did the test. They know from your child’s school, before the announcement was made. In normal circumstances, does any of this happen instantly and known at the same time? No. It takes some time, and it’s within that period that they got to know about it.

You may have some ‘grudges’ towards your own sibling, yet you treat him with due kindness and respect. Assuming he (hopefully he doesn’t) sees a sorcerer, and was informed of your bad feelings towards him. That information is true, but you never based on it to mistreat your sibling. Did you? Now that he’s come to know about it, he’ll start to mistreat you. What are you going to do about it? You will likely react to whatever action he takes. This will likely lead to the creation of bigger issues in the family and a subsequent division in the house. The cause? Sorcerers and fortune-tellers. Another cause is weakness of īmān in Allah and strong belief in the sorcerers.


#5: Sorcerers Disunite Households and Communities

8 Reasons the Muslim Should Avoid Sorcerers and Fortune-Tellers 5In order to lie and attain your trust, a sorcerer can easily accuse any of your family members, for the problem you are experiencing. Such accusation may be true, but what if you did not know? Nothing would have happened. Right? But once you’re informed, that’s where you develop hatred towards your relatives and friends.

The default relationship between immediate family members is full of love, respect and caring towards each other despite differences in personality, achievements and choices of purpose in life. But there’s no way you’ll maintain the same broad smiles, which you used to show, once it’s whispered to you, that any of them has bad intentions towards you. Come on… You’re human!

Don’t be fooled

There’s no way a sorcerer will pin point at an outsider, especially whom you don’t have any interactions with. Why should you be surprised when they accuse to you, your immediate family members, neighbours or friends?

Many Muslim households have broken and spilt into gangs as a result of this. Communities have split into groups and parties due to whisper of sorcerers. As long as you choose to see sorcerers, you will have some of your family members to accuse, for what they are and for what they’re not. Similarly, if any of your family members sees a sorcerer, then, sooner or later, you’ll be accused for what you’re not, and for what you probably are. If you could be innocent, others too could be innocent. Solutions? No more seeing sorcerers and fortune-tellers.

Once you’re made to accuse your family members, then you should expect your sorcerers to keep you crazy forever.


#6: Sorcerers Keep You Forever Crazy

8 Reasons the Muslim Should Avoid Sorcerers and Fortune-Tellers 9Another reason, for which the Muslim shouldn’t engage with sorcerers and fortune-tellers is that, a sorcerer will keep you worried at all times. He’ll keep you in fears. He’ll make up stories to intensify your nightmare. He’ll take you out of your peace of mind.

This means, once you start seeing a sorcerer, you’ll forever live in fear. He’ll scare you with some truths and plenty of lies. This is the only way you’ll stick with him and keep on seeing him. In other words, this is how you’ll have to keep on wasting your money and time. Did I say this is the way you’ll keep on losing your faith? He’ll promise you what he can’t promise himself. He’ll promise you a mansion, but he lives in a cottage. Such promise is to ensure that he impresses you, that you will only feel safe through pleasing him. You only please him by displeasing Allah. This includes all the grave sins in Islam.

The thing is, by the time you realize his fraud, it’s likely too late. And that will be when you start paying painful price. And the implication…

The Implication of Getting Tied by Sorcerers

Once you spend your life fulfilling the demands of sorcerers, you’re made to turn away, willingly or unwillingly, seen as a Muslim or non-Muslim, from the remembrance of Allah, subḥānahū wa ta‘ālā. Once this happens, it’s time to pay the price.


#7: Sooner or Later, Sorcery Has a Painful Price to Pay

8 Reasons the Muslim Should Avoid Sorcerers and Fortune-Tellers 7If a fortune-teller is a non-Muslim, he wouldn’t have a problem asking you to perform rituals that are unislamic, because you came to him despite knowing he’s a non-Muslim. He wouldn’t mind involving you with idols. But the ‘Muslim’ sorcerer will never want you to know he has secret idols. Thus, he hide behind Islam and behind the trust you have for him to conduct the unislamic rituals for you.

He will ask you to pray, but without wuḍū’. He’ll ask you to take wuḍū’, but with urine or wine. He’ll ask you to read the Qur’an, but with reversed verses and letters (obviously, that’s no longer Qur’an). He’ll ask you to slaughter a sheep, but not for Allah. He’ll ask you to visit the graveyard, not for a visit to pray for the dead, but to invoke them. In fact, he may send you to excavate old graves. You will take out some dead body parts, flesh, body oil and cloths.

Please take note that, a sorcerer is not a Muslim, even if he prays five times a day, and known to be an īmām.

Since you don’t really know, you are indebted to whatsoever has been used in the process. This is the procedure when you see sorcerers and fortune-tellers. In addition to what’s been mentioned above, he will ask you to do things you can’t achieve. Since you can’t achieve the process (his commands) then you can’t achieve your goal (your request from him). It’s behind such commands, that you wouldn’t realize he actually possess no real knowledge nor true powers.

The Implications of the Pains Your Receive as a Result of Sorcery

You will go through painful experiences as a result of getting involved in this, or seeking help from them. And the pains you’ll have to experience are unbearable. You’ll be humiliated for being with them. And they’ll cast pains on you; the moment you choose to quit. Therefore, you can’t quit once you’re in.

This means, any favour a sorcerer does for you returns to you in the form of severe pains, which you’ll have to encounter before your death. Sorcerers and their followers experience extremely painful death. This is true even if they die normal death.

Sorcerers don’t pay the price of involving in magic alone. They pass down the pains (burden) to their offspring (of course, without the consent of the latter) and some relatives. This is true and more harmful when the family are not interested in it, and decide to reject it.


#8: Quitting Sorcery is One of the Most Difficult Thing

8 Reasons the Muslim Should Avoid Sorcerers and Fortune-Tellers 8One of the main conditions of participating in sorcery is that, you can’t quit once you’ve signed a contract with the jinn involved. I mean, you can’t quit once you’ve agreed to start dealing with them.

If you decide to quit, and not many do quit successfully, they (the jinn) will demand that you pay back whatever favour you’ve ever gained from them. Of course, some of these favours have already digested and have transformed into blood, flesh and veins in your body. Some came in the form of comfort. Some came in the form of fame. Some came in the form of …. (fill in the blank). They will need to take back all those favours. They’re now going to undo things. They’re going to avenge. All this is, if you choose to make a U-Turn. It’s important to not that, not many people are able to quit once they’re in.

Those who quit go mad. They go insane. The lose everything; wealth, love, friends, family. This is because, all these were gathered through magic. It were gathered by victimizing others, some of whom have already passed on. In order for such rights to be returned to their lawful owners, they must be retrieved from the culprits, the criminals, and the transgressors.



You know we’re not allowed to practice sorcery. We’re also prohibited from seeking help, whatsoever, from sorcerers. At the same time, we know that people do practise sorcery to cast evil and harm on others. To stay safe and protected, see Simple du’a for Protection for the time being.

We may not be engaged in sorcery, but we can’t deny the fact that others may be involved in it. The evil they cast may aim to harm you. Let’s learn how to seek protection (in details) so to avoid sorcery and sorcerers. This comes in the next part, insha Allah.

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Until our next article, I leave you in Allah’s protection.

Allah knows best.
Allāhu Hāfiz 🙂