I’m Seven Days Old.. My Name is…

Hello World!
Assalamu alaikum

My name is Ibtihal Nurul-Izzah Binte Abdul-Salam. My dad likes to call me Izzati. My mum calls me Ibtihal. My abang (elder brother) calls me ‘Ukhti’ whenever he is pleased with me.

I am seven days old. My photo above was taken a few moments after my arrival to this world. I know most of you have already said I’m cute. Honestly.. I’m cute.. because babies in my age are cute.. Aren’t we? 🙂

My dad told me that, the meaning of my name is a combination of two Arabic names; Ibtihal+Nurul-Izzah. “Ibtihal” means “Supplication”, and “Nurul-Izzah” means “light of honour and glory”. So the name “Ibtihal Nurul-Izzah” means “Supplication; [is the] light of honour and glory”.

Alhamdulillah.. I’m blessed with so many caring and loving uncles and aunties across the globe. Two of whom have special names that I’ll like to share with you all: Uncle Great Sufi and Wak Amin 🙂 . You can imagine my cousins to be uncountable. Thank you Allah for giving me such wonderful and loving people. My dad also told me that one of my loving and caring uncles is Uncle Isham Sanif. Thank you Uncle Isham for making me smile on that Thursday, though I was still swimming in my mum’s womb. May Allah bless you and grant you a smile (at you) the day you meet Him.

To you all: I’m new in your world. I find your world very strange. I feel weak in your world. I don’t understand a lot of things in your world. Everything looks very ‘huuuuuge’ to me.

In my previous world, I could easily praise and glorify Allah. In your world, things seem different. In that world, I felt safer than I am in your world. I was almost disappointed upon arriving to your world until I heard the Azan and the Iqamah “Allahu Akbar.. Allahu Akbar… Laa ilaha illa Allah”. Only then I felt some comfort and tranquility. Subhana Allah!

I’m weak, because man is created weak. I want to be strong like some of you, and I know I can’t be one without your support. I want to be perfect, and I know I can reach perfection with your guidance and coaching.

Please hold my hands and teach me how to crawl and to stand on my feet. Guide me through my mistakes and imperfections, for Allah will grant you guidance and perfection.

The love, gifts, and warm welcome I received from all of you have given me some hope, that, insha Allah, everything will be fine. Among the love(s) shown to me, that of my mum is the most special. Although each an everyone of you has love (or some) for me, which I do highly appreciate, but no one can love me as much as my mum does, not even my beloved dad. Now I understand why our beloved Rasulullah (SAW) granted her (and all mums) special privileges in kindness and care.

In addition to have been carrying me with full of happiness and smiles for nine moths, bearing my kickings and pullings, my mum continues to sacrifice her life for me. I have (only in seven days of my life so far) taken away the comfort of my mum. People spend their nights to rest and refresh themselves, but my mum spends her nights to attend to my endless needs.. Subhana Allah!

The pains my mum went through because of me worth me being kind and grateful to her. The pains my mum went through because of me worth me being a good Muslimah to fulfil at least one of her dreams and wishes.

Ummi.. I promise to be a good Muslimah, who serves the purpose of being created.
Ummi.. I promise to take care of you once I’m able to stand on my feet.
Ummi.. I’ll be by your side when you will need me most.
Ummi.. I’ll also ensure the happiness of my dad, my siblings and my relatives too.
Ummi.. I’ll not forget my duty as a Muslimah towards mankind, Ummi..
Ummi… insha Allah, Ummi..

Yaa Allah! Forgive me and my parents, and grant them Your mercy as they did bring me up from childhood.. Yaa Allah, please assist me to be kind and grateful to my parents.. Yaa Allah, many are those who have shown me love, some of whom are near, and some are far.. Please bestow your love on them, forgive their sins and grant them Your mercy.. Ameen.

Allahu Hafiz. Wassalam

Your Daughter/Niece,
Ibtihal Nurul-Izzah Binte Abdul-Salam

  • Borhan

    Masha Allah, on behalf of Kak Kak, I would like express my heartfelt gratitude for the comprehensive reflection and objectivity. Other comments are reserved 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hahaha Sultan…

      It’s good that you reserved your comment. This piece of 3 years old; 7 days after Kak Kak was born… Hehehe…
      My regards to Hajiah… Allahu Hafiz 🙂